Summer Solstice Artists

Boomtown Jack (Psybase)

Rawzlyn (Right Sneaky Tribe)

Anastasja (Crystal Kids)

Stereotype (Psyology)

China Rose (Tynepsyde)

Multiseed (Noetic Flux/Trick Music)

Keith Mystikat (Right Sneaky Tribe)

Iago (Faerie Pirates)

The Wrong Dimension (Dr Robotnix & Placebo Effect B2B (Tynepsyde)

Zalien (Cosmic/Right Sneaky Tribe)

Alan Ruddick (Tynepsyde/ Research & Development Recs)

John Dopping (Research & Development Recs)

Psywiser (Psyology)

Ashstafari (Crystal Kids/Liberty Captains)

Enkis Tale (Alien Resonance)

Lennie Lazerbeam

B.D.I. (Tynepsyde)

Fungl (Digital Shaman records)

Mick Trauma (Tynepsyde/Diss Master records)

Lee Audioaddictz (Audioaddictz)

Mutated Pony (Audioaddictz)

Eat this Frequency (Tynepsyde)

Psionic Entity (Soma Sonic)

Chris Earl (Soma Sonic)

Si Seloni (Bad People in the Woods)

Luke Festival Vibe (Shanti/Audioaddictz)

The Psychedelic Dimension (Tynepsyde)

Sam Cook (Tynepsyde)